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“Didn’t you see it? I put it on my Facebook?”

29 August 2014 by Amy Hansford

No. It must have got lost amongst the timeline posts from 350+ other people. I get this a lot.

I have way too many friends on Facebook. My timeline has become a confused mess of passing moments from past friendships. I have at least 200 people on there with whom I never speak, converse, comment. I’ll probably never see them again, or have cause to bother them. Yet I can’t let go. It seems mean, crushing to ‘unfriend’ someone. But call it ‘unfollow’ and there – I can cope with that. Words are oddly powerful.

As my sister said, “leave the past behind, don’t stretch your neck looking for a future that is hidden, love a bit of now and where you are now.” 

So can I do it? Can I accept that I don’t really need to see photos of the children of the person I used to sit next to in Geography? The person that works for Disney that added me that one time? Can I make my timeline something I want to read, rather than a black hole in to which I’m pulled in a never ending cycle? Facebook has become the Hotel California – I feel like I can never leave. But I can try and whittle down the number of guests at least, and refocus its purpose.

Time to have a think.

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