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New year, new you

17 January 2014 by Amy Hansford

Well that’s a load of twoddle. I’m the same Amy that I ever was, just with a little more experience, a longer relationship and a slightly older daughter. The good news is that I’m pretty happy with all that!

I Googled 'Twoddle

I Googled ‘Twoddle”. This came up. You’re welcome.

So what’s coming up in the world of Awakey for 2014?

Pyjama Drama will be growing (hopefully) throughout the year to the point where I may be a millionaire.*
I’ll be organising a massive birthday party for our daughter**
I’ll be appearing as Jan in Dreams ‘n’ Wishes production of Grease over the summer. Shout if you want tickets.
We’ll be going to a super geek convention and even running some massively geeky Pyjama Drama workshops.
We will be going on holiday! We will be remaining local, but yay for opportunities to get out for the day.
And much, much more! ***

What are your great plans for the year?

*Factually, a lie.
** May actually be “cake and a playground”
*** A bit more.

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