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Life advice #19: Be eccentric now

27 July 2013 by Amy Hansford

19. Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.

kcadb-dark_teeFor me, this is less about wearing purple and eccentricity as getting over what everyone’s expectations are of you and finally living up to your own.

I’ve tried to fall in to line. I’ve tried to glam it up for events and I’ve tried to wear short shorts over the summer. I’ve tried to have an actual hairstyle. But I’m never comfortable. I’m never myself.

Finally, I’m just getting on with it. I’ve ditched the short shorts. I’ve made cut offs from my jeans, at a really untrendy a-bit-above-the-knee-and-clearly-used-to-be-longer length. They are more me. And I wear geeky logo t-shirts. The pretty patterns and cuts everyone else wears are just not me. While my peers are off to Malaga, my husband and I are off to a convention. I’m much happier playing a giant game of wink murder than I am clubbing.

Eccentricity is designated to older people doing what they have always done or wished they had done. So why wait?

Eccentric? No. I’m just different. I’m me.

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