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Slimming World: Day 2

6 January 2012 by Amy Hansford

Having spoken to a few of the Griffin Players on how they’re coping with the Slimming World rules, they were split pretty much in half: those who realise it’s fairly similar to what they were eating before and are happy, and those who resent not being able to have a full fat coke. To all the latter; don’t forget you can go wild in the diet aisle!

Day two wasn’t quite as successful as day one, but it did represent a return to the workplace for Alex so there were always going to be issues.

Breakfast was porridge. Not my favourite, which is why it was a good job Alex was eating it and not me.

Lunch was planned to be beans on toast. However, for health and safety reasons, toasters have been banned from Alex’s workplace. Beans on bread doesn’t have quite the same feel to it, but hey ho. It’s an easy option so he’ll be having that for work lunches from now on. This leaves me with a fridge chock full of salad to be used up. Somehow I feel Alex is getting the better end of the diet at the moment.

I ran out of time to do dinne before leaving for rehearsals, so left Alex to fend for himself in the kitchen. We had everything in for the Chilli Beef Noodles but, as I understand it, he left it cooking a little too long. It probably tastes better when it’s not burned…


  1. Gary Nash says:

    I toasters are banned do they must have microwaves to heat the beans up … so you why not have jacket potato and beans instead! I’ve just had jacket potato filled with a sald of beetroot, celery, sweetcorn mixed with fromage frais and mayo all VFF of course!

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