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Costumes: Song theme

30 December 2008 by Amy Hansford

I often receive requests for costume ideas to go with a certain theme. I thought it’d be a great idea to publish these ideas on here as a handy guide for friends and unknowns to use when in similar situations.

Today, costumes for a party where you need to be a song.

5 Colours In Her Hair ? plait some ribbons into your hair.
Apologise ? wear a top with ?Sorry!? written on it.
Ave Maria / Just Like A Prayer / Faith / Hallelujah / Stairway to Heaven / Pray / Praise You – dress as a nun.
Beggin; – dress as a tramp.
Black and Gold – come on, seriously. Think about it.
Blue (Dabadee dabada) / Deeper Shade Of Blue – wear all blue.
Bohemian Rhapsody ? in a group of four, each wear a black top and choose a member of Queen to dress the head as. When questioned on what song you are, run into a group? with your heads in the right place and start singing.
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – take a kazoo!
Bright Eyes (Watership Down) – bunny outfit.
Celebration – party hat, streamers etc.
Cornflake Girl – dress feminine and make cornflake accessories; bracelets, necklaces, hair clips.
Could It Be Magic – top hat and magic wand.
Dancing Queen – drag up with a crown.
Dare ? write out lots of dares on small paper and pin them to yourself.
Eye of the Tiger – dress as a tiger or print out a huge tiger’s eye and pin it to your top.
Fade To Grey ? wear all grey.
Fairytale of New York ? dress as the Statue of Liberty with fairy wings, tutu and magic wand.
Ghostbuasters ? what?s that? Any excuse, you say? Why, yes!
Girls On Film – become the party’s official photographer with your camera kit.
Good Vibrations – um, well, PM me about that one…
Grace Kelly – dress as Grace Kelly.
Heard It Through The Grapevine – make some grape earrings/wig.
I Can See Clearly Now – wear dark glasses and take them off occasionally.
Innuendo ? this one is entirely up to you!
I Put A Spell On You ? dress as a witch or wizard.
I See You See Me / You’ve Got The Look – oversize glasses. Because normal ones
aren’t funny enough.
Lily the Pink – wear all pink.
Lola – drag up. Look, dragging up is funny, okay?
Maneater – work your way through a bag of Jelly Babies.
My Fair Lady – drag up.
Rabbit – bunny ears
Rockstar – go as your favourite rocker. See ‘Guitar Hero’ for reference.
Sexyback – cut the back out of a shirt and write ‘sexy’ on your back.
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves – multiple nuns!
Suffragette City ? dress as a Sufferagette.
Supersititon – take a rabbit’s foot.
Tequila – bottle of Tequila with optional sombrero.
The Devil Went Down To Georgia – dress as the devil.
The Ketchup Song – nowt wrong with a couple of bottle of ketchup, or even sachets attached to your person.
Voodoo Child – wear all brown, tie ropes around your ankle and wrist cuffs and waist, draw ‘sewn’ lines across your mouth and eyes. For added amusement, take a small drum.

I’m sure there are more – feel free to add your own :o)

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