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A little bit of good

11 September 2008 by Amy Hansford

We all know we’ve had a bit of an up and down summer. Blisteringly hot beautiful days were equalled by monstrous monsoons and putting the heating on in August. All in all, a Brit’s perfect summer -?it gave us something to whige about. But there is a time in life before we get all distraught at such irritating things as nature. A time where things are still good, almost any way you look at them. And that is when you’re a kid.

Standing at the bus stop today I overheard a 7? year old talking with her mum. Do remember -?it was overcast but quite warm.
Kid: “Cor, we just had summer, and now it’s here again!”
Mum: “Well, we didn’t really have a summer.”
Kid: “Yeah, we had a summer….?”

Sometimes it takes a little person to remind us big people of the big things we perceive as little.

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