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14 February 2010 by Amy Hansford

Having had the pleasure of being Sam and Ilona’s guest this week, I found myself sitting in their glorious old armchair by their equally glorious and oft used fireplace. Upon returning back home, I stared at our never-used* fireplace and wondered how difficult it would really be to get a decent fire going.

Alex is in a manliness phase at the moment – chopping things, home improvements etc, and so was happy to take on the task of fire-creator. And so, he made fire! With the logs remaining in there, the coal from the garage and a helpful hand from a Cracklelog he had it going a roaring treat. As I used to live in a house with no central heating, reliant on the living room fireplace for warmth, I know that a decent fire takes a lot of tending to. Alex happily took to this challenge, poking and feeding it as required.

We’re now allowing the coals to give us what’s left of their heat, but the room certainly feels a little more toasty for it.

*Not used by us – used by the previous owner.

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