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Costumes: Pantomime characters

1 January 2009 by Amy Hansford

The most popular costume idea request I get is for couple outfits. This is tricky as sometimes both people are up for it, and cometimes there’s one person who really just isn’t that keen on dressing up.

The important thing is to dress up as much as you feel comfortable with. Going to a teddybear party? You can just wear some teddy ears, and maybe some mittens, and that’s enough. Or, you can go the whole hug, pad yourself out, do the face, teddy ears etc. You could even be really inventive, do all that, wear red shorts and tshirt with a brown vest, strap a tape player to your tummy and be Teddy Ruxpin. You will truly be the hero of the party. Inventiveness is far more excellent than a hired Pudsey Bear costume.

However, I digress. Today, couple costumes for a pantomime themed party.

Aladdin and Widow Twanky
Aladdin and the Genie
Aladdin and the Princess
Buttons and Cinderella
Cinderella and Prince Charming
Cinderella and an Ugly Sister
Cow/Horse combo
Dick Whittington and his cat
Dick Whittington and King Rat
Hansel and Gretel
Peter Pan and Hook
Peter Pan and Wendy
Princess and the Pea (a little abstract, but potentially quite funny)
Puss In Boots and any other nursery rhyme character
Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming
Snow White and any dwarf
Ugly Sisters

The secret is that, ideally, one of you needs to be the lead character from the pantomime. The other person can be anyone else from the cast list, as the seed of recognition is planted once the onlooker has figured out the pantomime you’re from.

And the beauty of this theme is that is doesn’t matter what gender is playing whom – it’s panto, darling!

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  1. John C. Kirk says:

    If you watch the DVD of “A Cinderella Story”, there’s an interesting interview with the woman who sorted out all the costumes for the film. In particular, there’s a scene at a fancy dress party, and she said that it’s quite difficult to think up 100 different costumes for everyone to wear!

    Linking to the theme of this post, my favourite was the “Siamese Cats” outfit. Basically, there was some confusion about siamese cats vs siamese twins, so two girls wind up with cat costumes that are joined together down one side. I can’t find any pictures on the web, but that costume pops up briefly in the trailer ( at 1:30 and 1:58.

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