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  1. Work It

    July 25, 2011 by Amy Hansford

    I went to the gym today. It’s important to know that I hate going to the gym. It was only possible thanks to the creche which takes Little L – most places that offer a creche for children who are 6 months+ only, while ours is 3 months+. Brilliant.

    Due to various ills, I’ve not been able to go to the gym since joining two months ago, so today was a case of me getting on with it. Irritatingly, I left my gym token at home – the precious piece of plastic which tells me what to do next and how long for. Otherwise (like today) I’m completely lost. Not wishing to waste the hour of creche time, I had a go on the treadmill, worked up a sweat* then caved in and had some ‘me’ time instead with a cup of tea. So today’s workout:

    20 minutes on the treadmill consisting of
    2 minutes walking at 5km/hour
    1 minute running at 8km/hour
    Repeated until end.

    Aside from that, I’ll be walking 1.5 miles with Little L later this afternoon on a little loop around the marina. After that, time to relax!

    *This does not take long thanks to me being pretty unfit.

  2. April update

    April 26, 2011 by Amy Hansford

    A quick round up of this month:

    It’s been a time of getting the hang of this whole parenthood lark, Little L meeting all our friends and family (still have a few of her aunts, cousins, an uncle and great aunts to cover) and us coping with the inevitable overstimulation once this has all occured.

    Momentous occasion last night – Little L slept in the big cot in her nursery for the first time. She was in the pram in our room for the first month. I don’t think she noticed. She actually slept better for not whacking her feet/hands against the side of her container, so it was good Zs all round.

    In other news, I’ve managed to find a local non-grading tap class! It’s only taken two years. Looking forward to starting that next week. I understand it’s a good idea to have something regular to get you out of the house when a babby’s born.

    Also, I’ve signed up with an online wedding forum, mainly to start stealing ideas from other brides to be. It’s fascinating for several reasons. The hatred these women have for so many people involved in their big day; some aren’t engaged yet and are already fantasising; the speed at which people flash (the practice of posting a picture on a themed thread, ie wedding venue, rings, shoes etc); the use of ‘STD’ to mean ‘Save The Date cards. So far we’ve come up with silly ideas that won’t be used, which is more fun actually.

    That’s the ho hum update for you – more interesting tales next time (one hopes…)