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Happy Birthday to me

22 August 2011 by Amy Hansford

I turned 30 this month, or as the good Sara Cox taught me, 21 9. I had a cracking joint birthday party with a friend – Kids TV fancy dress like – and all in all have had a lovely month celebrating here and there.

I got a few gifts which were wonderful for me. They really demonstrated how lovely my friends are and how much they know me.

1. Cult Movie Art book. A beautiful, beautiful thing full of the most glorious depictions of many of the films we love.

2. 30th badge. Because you have to wear one on your birthday.

3. Love Hearts mug. A love a good cup of tea, and now I have a spanking new mug to enjoy it in!

4. Angry Birds toy. Because I’m a geekette and I like apps.

5. Simon’s Cat book. Because I love following this chap via my Google Reader.

I also received some gorgeous frames for (so I was instructed) pictures to put up so that Little L knows I was a fun person before (and since) being a mum, plus “The Pantomime Book” which is just the most apt thing ever.

I have great friends and family. Very chuffed.

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