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Who put the bump in the…

30 September 2010 by Amy Hansford

Continuing with publishing my previously hidden blogs, here’s what I was thinking back on 18th July 2010.

I had a nosy through the March 2011 expectant parents group photos today. Lots of positive pee sticks and bumps.

I had a bump last week. It was there – I couldn’t do my jeans up without discomfort. This weekend, it’s pretty much back down to my normal tum, albeit one where I’ve made good us of an all you can eat buffet.

Part of me wants a tummy to hide from people – not sure why. I think it would be a good confirmation that things are actually happening. The rest of me knows full well that there should be a decent sized tum along soon, and it’ll be there a while!

So this weekend’s lesson is one of patience.

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