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Never a day to miss-was

28 February 2010 by Amy Hansford

As many of you know, I am a big fan of silly and slapstick humour. I also treasure the old Saturday morning kids tv programmes, meaning I am still proud of my days on Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow and also explains why I am a moderator on the TiswasOnline forums.
As part of this, not only am I the Phantom Flan Flinger* at the Tiswas theme nights, but on occasion the moderators all catch up for a bevvy round the corner from the now derelict ATV Centre where Tiswas was originally filmed. Yesterday’s was my first meetup with some of the mods, and also doubley special as surprise guests were in attendance. The original Phantom Flan Flinger, Benny Mills, and his daughter Karen who played the baby Flan Flinger were absolutely lovely. While the boys all got a pie from the Phantom at the end of the day, I got a cuddle which suits me just fine – technically, in flan flinging terms, he’s my grandad.
So today’s somewhat long winded photo of the day reveals the Flan Flinger’s identity. While he attacks Matt.

*Now you know my secret identity, you will have to be killed. The ninjas are on the way.

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  1. Marc Neun says:

    So lovely to see you Amy. Shame you stayed clean! xx

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