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Snow Day

2 February 2009 by Amy Hansford

It’s been lovely seeing everyone’s comments and emails on the snow. For those reading this in retrospect, it’s Monday morning and most of Britain has woken up to 5 inches of snow, a rarity.

I’m planning on posting some of my favourite comments here for posterity and also to allow you to share too, even if you’re not getting your ‘Snow Day’.

“Cats sleeping apart from Otter, who is calling me to look at the disaster that has happened in the back garden. I tell him it’s ok, and he cries “no it’s not ok, it’s all out the front too, loooooooooook”, and we have to go look at the front. If I dont look he howls.”
~ My sister on her cats ~
“I have one unhappy cat taking a crap in the house. Ack!”
~ A friend on her cat’s reaction ~

“I feel like writing on a big piece of paper, ‘how many survivors?’ and showing it to the office across the street.”
~ via Twitter ~

“Watching the TfL home page is a bit like a view into some sort of civic apocalypse”
~ via Twitter ~

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