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23 January 2009 by Amy Hansford

There’s one of these quiz virals going round at the moment suggesting you list 16 interesting facts about you. This is preferable to the usual 100 question long list quizzes full of yes/no answers. Sorry everyone, but the people who read these ignore pretty much every ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in favour of thte interesting full length answers. So why not give this one a try?

My 16 interesting facts are below. Please note that they are interesting according to what *I* think is interesting and what isn’t already common knowledge. For example, most people know I’ve been on kids tv a few times and that I have 9 1/2 toes. No need to include them…

1. I was the first pupil in Bishopshalt school to go on the internet.
2. When I was little, if I saw Bill Oddie on tv, I thought it was my Dad.
3. I secretly enjoy alphabetising things.
4. I was about 4″ tall until year 8 (age 12)
5. As such, my original career plan was to be a stunt double for children.
6. I have never broken a bone in my body, but have broken the bones of others.
7. My tap dancing has been critiqued by Lionel Blair and Wayne Sleep.
8. I’ve beaten death several times.
9. I had lunch with Doctor Who.
10. I’ve provided financial advice for a celebrity.
11. One of my relatives was eaten by cannibals.
12. Being told I’m really efficient is a bigger compliment than being told I’m pretty.
13. I am prouder of my nieces and nephew than anything else I have ever personally accomplished.
14. I judge everyone on tv.
15. I wore fake boobs for a year. No-one noticed the difference except me.
16. I was almost the owner of the only replica Ecto-1 in the UK.

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