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3 February 2010 by Amy Hansford

I hate it when I’m not in control of my body, hence why I just can’t stand being ill. This morning I woke around 2am with the shivers, not to be blessed with sleep again until around 5am. One wake up call and one unloading of my tummy later, I found the top of my body to be too heavy to be carried by the bottom half, leading to me crashing back in to bed. After a few hours kip, I woke up feeling a hell of a lot better for it but still wobbly. It seems I have been the latest victim of the Panto Bug. Yes, at least three of my colleagues have suffered the same in the past two weeks, only they had the sense not to do it during show week.

I will heading up to the theatre this evening and plan on taking to the stage as Urchin #3, but not without a precationary bucket on standby…

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